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Friday, October 12



Exploring the Axial Seamount! Room 4019Adam Talamantes The Design and Invention Project – Integrated STEM Modules for Engaging All Students by Connecting to Daily Life Room 4022Mihir Ravel • Dr. Cary Sneider • Jennifer Wells Aerospace Connections K-12 from the Civil Air Patrol Room 3131Hilda Pereyo Exploring waves, energy, and community impacts Room 3130Megan Poole Forests as a Context For Place-Based Education Room 4014Norie Dimeo-Ediger • Rikki Heath How Place-Based STEAM Projects Have Improved Perseverance & Independence in a Rural Community Room 4012Kama Almasi • Melissa Steinman Ice, Ice, Baby: An Integrated 3D Storyline Unit for Middle School Science using Instant Ice Packs Room 4023Kathryn Fleegal • Arlene Friend Language Support and Cooperative Learning Techniques in a Project-Based Classroom Room 3127Jeff Crapper Modeling and the NGSS: Think Out Loud the Scientific Way! Room 3125Randy Bell NGSS Storyline Coherence for K-5: Phenomena and Context-Based Units of Study for K-5 Room 4020Carol Biskupic Knight NLM’s Online Playground: K-12 Science and Health Education Resources Room 3124Carolyn Martin Place-based Education in Elementary School: Bringing Science to the Community Room 4011Susan Hathaway Place-based Education in Middle School: “Doing” Science and Becoming Advocates for our Earth Room 4015Chris Wyland Place-Based Education in the Primary Grades: Problem Solving at Play Room 4013Noelle Eaton Utilizing Online Resources to Maximize Time Room 3129Charity Staudenraus Radon, Hanford, and Nuclear Chemistry, Oh My: Social Justice Issues in Chemistry Room 4021Rachel Stagner



Ages of Rock-Exploring the Geologic Time Scale Room 4023Lacey Moore Bringing Controversial Subject Matter Into the Classroom: A Case Study Approach using Genetically Modified Organisms Room 3127Jay Well FIRST Robotics: It is about more than the robot Room 3129Cathy Swider TEL Me More – Assessing the Technology and Engineering Skills of 8th Graders Room 3128Beth LaDuca Choice and Relevance in Place Based Education: Use Agile Project Management to Run a Place Based “Free-Choice Project Derby” in Your Classroom Room 4011Andy Bedingfield Claim-Evidence-Reasoning: The Value of Framing Scientific Argumentation in your ESL/Bilingual Classroom Room 3130Amanda Priest Connect with Oregon Science Project Facilitators for Support in Implementing NGSS Room 3125Connie Robbins • Sandra Rice Essential Oils From Plants Room 4019David Hackleman • Michael Rockow If a Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words, a Simulation Is Worth a Million! Room 3131Julia Fischer Looking for ways to get your students more involved with stewardship and citizen science? Room 4014Fawn Custer Modeling Phenomena on the Cheap Room 4020KAREN BLAETTLER Phenomenon-Mah na mah na: How to use an local anchoring phenomena to drive a lesson series Room 4022Kathryn Fleegal • Arlene Friend Planning for Place-based Education: Resource Sharing Room 4013Susan Hathaway Science and Ecotourism: Fostering unconventional partnership for authentic project based learning. Room 4015Melissa Steinman Using Accountable Talk and Responsive Assessment Strategies to Deepen Student Understanding Room 3124Jessica Augden MAKING WAVES WITH TECHNOLOGY: ENGAGING LEARNERS AND INTEGRATING RELEVANCE, RESPONSIBILITY, AND RESILIENCE Room 4012Valerie Stephan-LeBoeuf Patterns Physics: A 50-Year Energy Plan Room 4021Matt McCollum • Bradford Hill



Demystifying STEM and the NGSS Through the Phenomenon of Earthquakes Room 4020Amanda Priest SUPERMOON! Building a Literacy Infused STEAM Storyline Room 4023Kevin Carr 1..2..3… Innovate! Intro to STEM and Engineering Activities Room 3125Cassie Whitecotton FIRST LEGO League for 4th – 8th grade Room 3127Loridee Wetzel Mars Rover Lego Robotics Engineering Challenge! Room 3130Karen Black Developing Place-Based Field Study Programs in Rural Schools Room 4011Delaney Sharp Grounding STEM Education in Place Room 4012Gregory Smith How to Publish your Student Projets for the Entire World to See Room 4014Jean Nave Integrating Chromebook™ with Vernier Technology Room 3129Josh Ence Phenomena Driven Instruction and Formative Assessment Room 4021Noelle Gorbett • Jamie Rumage Place-based Education and Authenticity: Utilizing STEM to engage students in their community. Room 4013Patrick Willis • Lauriel Amoroso • Lisa Columbo • Noelle Eaton • Kara Kelley • Morgen Kelm • Fawn Morosky • Angie O'Brien Transform Your Class with a Murdock Partners in Science Grant Room 4015Tai Quirke Cancer Medicine Focus Connects Students to Real-Life STEM Applications of Cryopreservation and Biomaterials Technologies Room 4019Mary Zelinski Journey 2050: Agriculture Education for the Next Generation Room 3131Kassia Rudd Language Development in Earth and Physical Science Room 3128Nicole Safranek Music, Waves, and Vibes – Engaging All Students in Physics by Integrating Design & Invention into Traditional Science Room 4022Mihir Ravel • Dan Robinette • Dr. Cary Sneider